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Wellbeing means taking care of your mind, health, body, and state. Wellbeing requires commitment, hard work, and time. Starting the journey can be a daunting and scary ordeal and a little outside help can help set you on the right path.

That's where Skillabee is here to help. We have purposefully selected wellbeing services that are scientifically proven to offer tremendous self-care and therapeutic benefits.

Through Skillabee's platform, you now have easy access to skilled wellbeing specialists near you who offer private lessons and services in art, makeup, photography, fitness, sports, music, yoga, plus many more. To make it convenient, these specialists are mobile and available at your choice of location and time.

So if you are looking for a private home yoga class to soothe that never-ending ache in your back or a private art class to unleash your hidden creativity, Skillabee offers you a solution.  

Through our platform, you can select your interest, choose the wellbeing specialist that best meets your needs and requirements, and book and pay securely on our platform.

Because everyone can use a helping hand!

Why use Skillabee?
Skillabee makes improving your wellbeing easy, convenient, and affordable for all.

1) Convenient: Our wellbeing specialists are mobile and available at your choice of location and time. You can search for specialists by interest, location, price, and reviews or request a quote. 

2) You choose: Our wellbeing specialists offer lessons in arts, music, drama, sports, fitness, yoga, cooking, photography, plus many more. You select the interest that best meets your requirements.

3) Affordable: We enforce a cap on the maximum hourly rate our wellbeing specialists are able to charge and therefore make it affordable for you. 

4) Trust: Our platform includes a mandatory two way rating system to increase trust and credibility between you and our wellbeing specialists.

5) Measure and improve your wellbeing: you can measure your wellbeing before and after class to ensure you are receiving the best value from our service.

6) Personalised experience: You get to choose and book the wellbeing specialist that best meets your requirements. You can converse with your favourite specialist in a 100% confidential manner. 

Skillabee's other services

We help the NDIS Community develop essential "life skills"
Skillabee connects you to mobile wellbeing specialists in the Sydney region for learning essential life skills such as art, music, fitness, sports, yoga, cooking, plus many more. Our wellbeing specialists are available at your choice of location and time. To view more about our offering for the NDIS community click here