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How to make your listing more attractive
Published by Skillabee crew
August 15, 2018

Here are four valuable tips to improve your listing, attract more customers, and generate extra income We hope you find these helpful.

1. Respond quickly to enquires from interested customers
a. Quick responses will help you build comfort and trust with the customer and close the transaction
b. In majority of the cases, customers are shopping around for the service. If you take too long to respond, you will lose the customer

2. Add high quality pictures
a. Be sure to add lots of photos to your listing. This helps increase the visual appeal
b. Also add a personal photo to your profile page. This helps give customers comfort

3. Add a high quality description
a. Add a description on how you plan to run the class or service and what customers can expect to learn
b. Mention whether or not you are available to travel to customer’s home if required
c. Relevant for makeup and photography categories: If you offer services as well as lessons, be sure to mention this in your listing title and description
d. If you have a Police Check or Working with Children Check be sure to mention this

4. Collect feedback
a. Do remember to ask customers to give you feedback after a class/service. Feedback achieves the following benefits i) It makes your listing more attractive to future customers and ii) allows your listing to appear higher in the ranking. 

How to attract more customers and generate extra income - what a good listing should look like
Published by Skillabee crew
October 8, 2018