Information about Skillabee

How does Skillabee work?
Skillabee offers a one stop shop for private lessons and services in art, yoga, makeup and photography. Simply select your interest, choose your favourite specialist, and make a booking.

If you are a Customer

How do I book a class?
You can select a date and time and request a booking OR you can message the specialist and agree on a specific date, time, and location.

What's the location for the class?
The location depends on what you and the specialist mutually agree upon. You can simply message the Skillabee to agree upon a location. You can use the location search box to find specialists near you. 

What happens if the specialist does not respond to my enquiry?
Response times for our specialists vary. We always recommend messaging at least three and selecting the one that best meets your needs and availability. 

Why am I not allowed to share my personal contact details with the specialist?
For your own privacy and protection, and per our Terms of Use, we recommend not sharing personal details with the specialist until you've made the booking.    

Why can't I pay for class/service in cash?
We encourage you to use Skillabee's online payment feature for making payments. Making an online payment gives you protection i.e. in case of dispute, you can request a refund. Also, making an online payment is the only way to collect feedback. Once you've made a booking, Skillabee holds the funds securely until you  confirm that the service has taken place. At this point, funds are released to the specialist. 

How do I find specialists close to me?
You can use the location search on the menu bar to enter your location. Once you have entered your location, press the magnifying glass. This will sort results by location and you'll be able to see how far each specialist is from your location. 

If you are a Specialist

How do I create a new listing? 
Simply select the 'New Listing' button on the top right hand corner of the screen to create a new listing. Note, simply creating a profile does not make you visible to potential customers. You must go through the process of creating a new listing. To attract more customers, you must create a high quality listing. To view tips on how to create a high quality listing, visit our blog page. 

What makes a good listing that attracts customers?
A good listing has the following key features:
1) A descriptive title - explains what the class is about in a concise manner
2) Online payment options - allows customers to pay in a secure manner
3) A detail description of class or service - explains what the customer will learn 
4) Add lots of pictures - brings the class to life
5) Feedback scores - Feedback scores make your listing more appealing to future customers. Plus the higher your feedback score the higher your listing appears on the platform. 
For more tips on how to improve your listing, read our blog. 

Why can't I collect payment for class/service in cash?
We encourage you to use Skillabee's online payment feature for receiving payments. Offering an online payment makes your profile more attractive and credible to potential customers. Also, collecting online payments is the only way to collect feedback and raise visibility of your profile. 

When do I receive payment after a customer has made a booking?
Once the customer has confirmed that class/service has taken place, your payment is released from Skillabee to your bank account and typically takes 2-3 days to reach you.

What fee does Skillabee charge?
Skillabee charges a commission of 25%. The minimum commission per transaction is $15. So if your rate is $100/hr, Skillabee will charge $25 for a one hour service. If your rate is $30 then Skillabee will charge $15 for a one hour service. This amount is automatically deduced from the payment made by your customer. 

For regular/recurring customers, why would I use Skillabee to collect payment?

For regular/recurring customers, we highly encourage you to collect payment via the platform. This allows you to collect additional feedback points. The more feedback you collect (even if it is from the same customer), the higher your listing appears on our platform. Also, a lot of enquiries from outside customers come directly to us. We then recommend these customers to specialists who have shown they can get repeat customers.  

How do I charge extra if I have to travel to my customer?
Although we don't normally recommend charging your customers for travel, we are aware that sometimes it can be necessary especially for long distances. In order to do this, we recommend making a one time update to your hourly rate and adding your travel time. So if your hourly rate is $50/hr and travel will cost you $20, make your hourly rate $70. Once your specific customer has made a booking, you can revert back to your original hourly rate.