Information about Skillabee

How it works

Skillabee is easy to use for both Customers and Specialists

For customers

1) Select Your Category and Specialist
Select from our list of wellbeing interests and specialists in your area. Our specialists offer private lessons and services in art, yoga, cooking, music, photography, languages and makeup. 

2) Book and Pay
Message your Specialist and agree on time and location. Schedule and pay in a safe and secure manner on the platform. Note your booking money will be held securely by Skillabee until you confirm the booked class or service has been completed at which point payment will be released to your Specialist. 

3) Take Class or Service
Enjoy receiving your class or service. Leave feedback for your Specialist and re-book again. 

For specialists

1) Create a Class/Service
Create a class or service so customers can find you. You can create a class or service in  art, yoga, makeup, and photography.
To create a class or service, simply click on the +New Listing button on the top right hand side of this page.
To create a high quality listing, review our blog page by clicking here.

2) Confirm Booking and Payment 
Confirm timing, location, and payment from customer. Note payment made by customer will be held securely by Skillabee until the customer confirms that the booked class or service has been completed at which point payment will be released to you. 

3) Conduct Class or Provide Service
Enjoy teaching the new skill or providing a specialist service