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Skillabee making wellbeing services easily accessible to the general public
By Anita Jay on January 29, 2019

According to national statistics, stress, burnout, and fatigue levels are on the rise especially in the 40-55 age segment. Based on our interviews, people in this demographic know “why” wellbeing is important but don’t know “how” to improve their wellbeing without completely altering their work routines and children duties. This age group has money to spend on wellbeing services but does not have the time to spend it.  This is the demand side.

Substitutes depend on the severity of the person’s stress and burnout condition. Based on our interviews:

-> For less severe cases, the person may make a commitment to change and sign-up for a nearby group-based yoga, art, music, fitness, sports, cooking, or photography class. However, this commitment doesn’t last long because the classes are pre-scheduled at inconvenient times, group-based and impersonal, and require travel.

-> Other substitutes include posting an ad on Gumtree or task on Airtasker for wellness specialists. Neither of these platforms are suited for such services.

-> Most severe cases involve visiting doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, taking medication, or even hospitalisation.

On the supply side, there are many freelance artists, yogis, musicians, photographers, fitness coaches wanting to source customers, generate extra income and grow their businesses. They lack a single channel to promote themselves and have to rely on word of mouth and expensive social media marketing with the latter not being their forte.

Skillabee makes local wellbeing services more easily accessible. Our wellbeing specialists are local, skilled freelancers who are mobile and available on demand. Through the Skillabee platform, customers can easily select their interest, choose the specialist that best meets their needs and requirements, and book and pay in a secure manner.  The platform includes a two-way rating system to improve trust in the community and retention.

Our MVP product launched three months ago with a primary focus in Sydney and offers wellbeing specialists in yoga, arts, music, photography, fitness, etc. all of which are scientifically proven to offer wellness and therapeutic benefits. Over time, we will add other wellbeing categories such as nutrition, massage, plus others based on customer demand. In three months, specialists on our platform have received 400+ enquires for wellbeing services. Here are some examples of our customers:

-> A 45-year-old lady was recently injured in an accident and looking for private yoga therapy at her home

-> A 41-year-old busy dad was looking for a photography teacher for his 12-year-old daughter who’s bought a new camera

-> A 55-year-old man was looking for home art therapy because he was advised by his doctor

How Skillabee is making it ‘convenient’ for mums to book fun activities for themselves and the kids
By Anita Jay on October 15, 2018

Missed another yoga or gym class? After a busy day at work and a busy evening at home taking care of the kids, mums have little or no time left to look after their own health and well-being. By offering easy access to local and mobile specialists who come to your home, Skillabee is helping mums book in private and fun classes for themselves and the kids. Categories on offer include private classes in art, yoga, photography, and makeup. Classes are suitable for adults and children.

Launched in August 2018, Skillabee is a platform that connects people interested in learning or getting a service in art, yoga, makeup, and photography i.e. all 'look and feel good activities'. Mums simply have to select their interest, choose their favourite specialist, and book in a class. By offering online secure payment, refunds can be given in case of dispute. Skillabee also offers an online chat platform which can be used to message the specialist to tie up logistics, etc.

During a recent interview, a company representative said, “There is no shortage of fun activities on offer for mums. The problem is majority of these activities are group based, only available at set times and location and quite pricey. The biggest value we offer to mums is convenience. Whether they want to book a home class at 7am or 8pm on a weekday or 11am on a weekend, we have a number of specialists available to meet their needs”

Skillabee’s initial focus has been in the greater Sydney region but is now expanding into Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

How Skillabee is helping companies reduce stress and improve health and well being of employees
By Anita Jay on October 8, 2018

Stress levels of Australian employees are on the rise. During a recent survey by Reventure Australia, a think tank that conducts research and stimulates public debate about workplace matters, the top three causes of rising stress levels were growing workloads (40%), increasing business expectations (35%) and shorter deadlines (25%).

Skillabee is helping local companies in Sydney tackle rising stress levels among its employees. Skillabee offers a one-stop shop for finding and booking affordable lessons with local, mobile, and private specialists who offer yoga, art, photography, and makeup. Prices range from $20 per class to $50. It’s free to sign up and you simply pay for each booking

During a recent interview, a company representative of Skillabee highlighted the value offering of Skillabee to corporates “Increasing workloads are not going to change. We find employees in demanding professions are strapped for time. Along with a full-time job, they also have to take care of entertainment for their children. This leaves little time to engage in healthy and fun activities such as yoga, sports, fitness, and other hobbies including photography, dance, music, etc. With Skillabee, busy professionals especially ones with children can now select a local specialist and schedule a private class for themselves and/or their children at their own choice of location and time. For companies, there is no catch! They are simply introducing the platform to their employees who can then decide whether or not to use the platform”

Skillabee launched in Sydney in August 2018 and has been scaling rapidly. There are currently 100+ specialists in the Sydney region offering fun classes in water colouring, Instagram photography, food photography, yoga and mindfulness.

Startup SODA
Skillabee connects with local experts to make skill learning a breeze
By Paul Towers on August 24, 2018

Skillabee s a new Sydney based startup on a mission to make learning (or improving on) a new skill a breeze. In the age of online videos, courses and tutorials, Skillabee is bring back the personal touch by connecting you with experts in your local area. Read more